What we do

We remove the complexity from business processes, technology and procurement so that executives are left unencumbered and able to focus on the key vision and purpose of their organisation.

Organisations expand because they excel in their industry. Their knowledge of their business pushes them forward. However, every organisation requires peripheral processes that are essential to the cost effective, compliant and efficient running of that organisation. Your business, your vision, may be excellent but without outstanding businesses processes your organisation won’t be able to move forward.

At Xchanging we have years of experience in handling these essential processes. Serving clients all over the world, across all industries, from insurance, to finance, to healthcare, we enable you to focus on accelerating the growth of your business while we take care of the boring bits.

We cut costs, we increase assets, we streamline; you grow. 

So What Do We Do?

Business processing

We remove the unnecessary drain on time and resources that can come with business processing, handling all processes including:


We make technology work for you, without making things too complicated or expensive for you. Our excellent technology outsourcing services mean that you have the technology infrastructure to support the continual growth and evolution of your organisation.

From providing IT infrastructure, to insurance software, to making data easily accessible, helping you to monitor transactions, optimise income and simplify reconciliation. Our IT experience and resources will save you money, ensure compliance and safeguard your organisation whilst promoting steady, supported growth within your industry.


In these challenging economic times, our procurement services allow you to drive down costs, realise the true potential of your assets and improve the efficiency of your organisation, without out taking risks.

For even the most secure businesses, effective procurement management can make the difference between a surviving organisation and a thriving one. Through our extensive global experience of procurement we apply tried and tested, innovative means with which we help our clients to optimise value.

Strategic sourcing, category and spend management, spend analytics and e-procurement services are just a few of the full spectrum of procurement solutions that we offer.

Our clients benefit from experience, knowledge, software and processes that would not otherwise be financially viable for them to access. We help cut costs, improve efficiency and streamline processes, enabling businesses to thrive within their industry.  

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