Who We Are

Do you struggle to keep up with changing regulations, fluctuating staffing and HR needs, ever-changing technology and the complexities of procurement? We are the solution to all of those problems, and more.

We are Xchanging, providers of business processing, technology and procurement services globally for corporations and the private sector across a full spectrum of industries.

We have 8,000 experienced members of staff working for clients in 48 countries.

Many growing organizations focus on their core purpose, moving their vision forward, growing their client base and developing within their industry, only to realize that they are being hindered by essential peripheral processes which have, too often, been left behind in the progression.

This can result in a big vision and increased potential that have outgrown the organization. This dichotomy between a company’s potential and its background support can be fatal. That’s where we come in; we ensure that your processes, such as claims, broking and HR, your IT and your procurement capabilities, achieve and maintain the capacity to support your organization as it continues to grow without waste.

We don’t believe in waste. We believe in delivering what our clients need, when they need it.

  • We support more than 600 offshore processes.
  • We manage over 10.3 million insurer and broker transactions.
  • We process more than 7 million financial transactions every year.
  • We provide HR services to 400,000 staff all over the world.
  • We pay over 50,000 employees a month.
  • We process escrow funds for over $1.8bn per annum.
  • We procure more than $870m of indirect spend per annum for our customers.

We are the highly experienced, skilled and trained employees that will propel your organization forward; cutting costs, elevating productivity and adding value, but without the additional drain on existing resources that comes with recruiting, training and retaining such skilled staff members.

To put it simply, Xchanging offers all of the outsourcing services that you may need in order to eliminate waste and optimize growth and production. Our services help progressive businesses to move forward; we take care of the background processes that are imperative for a successful organization while you focus on your vision.

We do what we excel at, so you can focus on your core priorities.

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