A Life Less Ordinary

Technology signifies change. The latest device, the newest app, the biggest TV, the fastest processor; we are all conditioned to believe that the latest technology will change our lives. But Xchanging has been the innovator of enough change to know that lives are constantly changing and evolving – without technology. It’s an important distinction that informs and supports our approach to every customer engagement. You don’t need technology to change your life. You trust Xchanging to enable business transformation, because we already understand that life is constantly changing.

Supporting the needs of our customers in 48 countries around the world has helped Xchanging build delivery centres in the UK, India, Singapore and Malaysia. We employ over 1,800 technology professionals including project management teams, testing staff, solutions architects and over 350 software developers. And that’s before we leverage the combined resources of over 8,000 staff from the Xchanging Group of companies, or even the strategic partnerships we nurture to ensure world-class delivery across our chosen vertical markets. When we say we support the changing lives of our customers, we mean it.

The outcome for our customers is effective technological change where it’s needed, and not where it isn’t. Our combined skills extend our market expertise and accelerate delivery time to market. If we’ve learnt anything, it’s that the speed of change is, fast. Your business changes fast, your customers move fast, even your children grow up fast.

Xchanging applies talented people, industry expertise and commercial flexibility to simplify and standardise processes – not to distinguish ourselves from our competitors (although it does) but to keep up with life’s changes. Nobody wants slow technology.

Although we reference many success stories, the markets we serve are not simply selected from proofpoints or by case studies. Xchanging responds to the needs of change agents across many business sectors and vertical markets. We have a diverse portfolio of customers and technologies, but all strategically selected for our ability to transform business.

Take a look around you – there’s a good chance that innovations from Xchanging have already changed your life, without you even knowing it:

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