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Currently the 3rd largest procurement outsourcing provider in the world*, we help our customers match their performance with their business objectives by delivering expertise at every stage of the Source-To-Pay procurement lifecycle.

Our category and procurement professionals can help your internal team implement and enforce savings, policy compliance and cost efficiency benefits.

This gives your executive team time and space to concentrate on strategic activities that add value to the business, as well as cutting costs and creating genuine competitive advantage for the organization overall.

How much value could we add for you?

*Everest PO report 2013

Identified as a “STAR PERFORMER” by Everest Research PEAK Matrix (2013)
(Performance, Experience, Ability, Knowledge) for Procurement Outsourcing

Date: July 3, 2014
Title: How Can We Make Procurement Performance Visible?
Synopsis: In this guest post, Procurement Leaders invites Xchanging’s Nick Ford to look at opportunities to adapt the procurement process to improve the recognition of value achieved among key stakeholders.

Date: May 3, 2013
Title: BYOD versus COPE: A look at the future of enterprise mobility
Synopsis: As the BYOD versus COPE debate heats up, Xchanging has been front and center in the discussion. Our Head of Innovation, Mani Gopalaratnam, was featured in VentureBeat this week discussing the topic.

Date: April 30, 2013
Title: Trends That Matter in Transportation Procurement
Synopsis: Our Senior Director, Sourcing Solutions – Stephen Ciulla – is featured this week in World Trade 100 discussing trends in transportation procurement.

Date: April 1, 2013
Title: Funding Innovation Through Sourcing Maturity - Part ll.
Synopsis: Our Executive Director of Procurement Services, Ed Cross was featured in the Wired Innovation Insights blog for a post he wrote about funding innovation through sourcing maturity. Read part two of the two-part series here.

Date: March 26, 2013
Title: Keeping up with virtualization and mobile technology security
Synopsis: Brian Rapp, Senior Director of Sourcing Solutions, cited in TechTarget's SearchServerVirtualization on mobile technology security best practices.

Date: March 26, 2013
Title: BYOD or COPE: Mobility Concerns Rise in Canada
Synopsis: Xchanging Procurement Services' Senior Director of Sourcing Solutions, Brian Rapp, was featured in MSPmentor's post discussing the subject of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) versus COPE (Corporatly-Owned, Personally-Enabled).

Date: March 22, 2013
Title: Lululemon Debacle Reveals How Cheap Labor Can Backfire
Synopsis: As part of our ongoing initiative to get our staff of true industry experts in the media as thought leaders, our Senior Vice President of Sourcing Solutions, Mark Power, was featured in this Fox Business article.

March 21, 2013
Title: Thoughts on Procurement Outsourcing and Performance Measures
Synopsis: Xchanging Procurement Services' Senior VP, Sourcing Solutions, and our Director of Sales recently caught up with Susan Avery, editor of My Purchasing Center, to discuss thoughts on procurement outsourcing and performance measures.

Date: March 15, 2013
Title: MSP Dilemma: BYOD versus COPE
Synopsis: Xchanging’s Brian Rapp, Senior Director of Sourcing Solutions, features in this MSPmentor blog post, talking about what to consider in evaluating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) versus Corporately Owned Personally Enabled (COPE).

Date: March 14, 2013
Title: What Group Purchasing Organizations Can Do For Private Equity Firms
Synopsis: Xchanging’s Simon Woodcock, Solutions Manager, guest blogs for Spend Matters US on the role Group Purchasing Organizations play with Private Equity firms.

Date: March 4, 2013
Title: How to Get Beyond BYOD's Scary Figures
Synopsis: Xchanging’s Brian Rapp, Senior Director of Sourcing Solutions, discusses BYOD best practices and the growing COPE trend with Eric Krell, of BusinessFinance Magazine

Date: February 13, 2013
Title: Funding Innovation Through Sourcing Maturity
Synopsis: Executive Director of Procurement, Ed Cross, contributes his thoughts on innovation through sourcing maturity in the first post of a two part series on Wired's Innovation Insights

Date: February 13, 2013
Title: Mobile Security
Synopsis: Brian Rapp, Senior Director of Sourcing Solutions for Xchanging, shares his expertise on BYOD best practices in SC Magazine.

Date: February 12, 2013
Title: Hidden Costs, Security and Privacy Challenges - Are You Really Prepared for BYOD?
Synopsis: Brian Rapp, Senior Solutions Director with Xchanging Procurement Services, talks to Rachel Ramsey of TMCNet about solutions for enterprise challenges associated with BYOD.

Date: February 12, 2013
Title: US-Style MRO Procurement in Europe
Synopsis: Xchanging’s Marcus Olsen, Sourcing Director, analyzes MRO trends in the US versus Europe for SpendMatters


Our approach to sourcing and procurement enables our customers to invest in value-adding activity...

In challenging economic times, executives are increasingly struggling to channel money into the areas of their business that could add the most value. They find themselves thinking:

  • Imagine if I could invest cash in R&D to develop the next “Big Thing".
  • Just think if I had funds to build a best-in-class marketing function.
  • What if my sales function was fully resourced like the competition.

At Xchanging, we are constantly proving our ability to address that challenge and unlock value for our customers, so that they are able to invest in the areas that will deliver growth in the future. We add value by leveraging our people, process and technology expertise to deliver benefits for blue-chip customers like L’Oréal, Aon, BAE Systems and CBRE. For over a decade we have demonstrated our capabilities across the full source-to-pay procurement lifecycle, utilizing our in-depth category expertise. We take these capabilities to market as a simple portfolio of offerings.


We add value for our customers. That is what we do.

Some of our customers measure value in terms of cost savings, some in terms of quality of products and services sourced, or compliance to contracts, or percentage of spend under management, or reduction in supplier risk. Regardless of how it is measured, we deliver value in the form of tangible benefits.

But how do we achieve this?

  • We add value through our People: we have a strong team of people who have been ‘there’ and done ‘it’. We know what needs to be done and we know how to do it.
  • We add value through our Process: we have robust and proven processes; from sourcing to benchmarking and savings measurement to governance
  • We add value through Technology: from spend analytics through to savings measurement and reporting, from eSourcing to P2P; we partner with the best and we have the best.



A team of practitioners, not consultants.

At Xchanging, we truly believe that our people are our greatest asset. We seek out people to join our team that share our values of Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity, Excellence, Speed and Efficiency.

With Xchanging, customers are sure that the people they are working with are speaking from experience. Lots of experience. For example, Xchanging’s North American business is led by two former CPOs and our sourcing managers have at least ten years of experience sourcing complex categories within large blue-chip organizations. 

Going beyond experience and qualifications, we look for cultural fit. We have a tight-knit team, built on foundations of collaboration, communication and leadership. This is critical for Xchanging to be able to deliver to the customer in an equally collaborative manner.

Xchanging’s innovative co-sourcing model has recently had a positive impact in the marketplace and that impact has been mirrored in the market for sourcing and procurement talent, reflected by Xchanging being able to attract top-level people.


A framework for success

Xchanging was founded in 1999 on a foundation of Process Excellence and, in each of our major customer partnerships since then, the Process Excellence team has been at the forefront of change management. Our team now possesses process improvement expertise in all major functions, sectors and geographies.

In the intervening years since foundation, we have created and evolved multiple processes that provide a repetitive framework for delivering consistent value.

Xchanging has leveraged the experience and expertise of its sourcing solutions team to develop a sourcing methodology. This robust and proven competency covers all aspects of the end-to-end sourcing process and provides the sourcing professional with a proven framework and tool set. Yet it is flexible, with components that are left to the discretion of the sourcing professional allowing them to leverage their industry expertise.

Built into our sourcing methodology, is our benchmarking process. Through a combination of our catalog of benchmarks collected over the last decade and partnerships with external, market-leading research groups, we are able to deliver strong market intelligence as part of our sourcing solution.


Superior delivery through technology enablement.

Technology is one of our core competencies. We build, deploy, operate and improve sourcing and procurement technology.

For many businesses, sourcing and procurement technology is an aspiration. Going it alone can be challenging and CPOs find themselves asking:

  • Do we have the funds to invest up-front in technology?
  • What exactly do we need?
  • What does ‘good’ look like in the market?
  • How would we implement technology?
  • Do we have the expertise to extract the most value out of technology?

Through selective partnerships and innovative intellectual property, Xchanging can help to answer those questions. We understand customers’ requirements and have identified the right solutions, we have the expertise to implement and successfully operate those solutions. Furthermore, we make that investment for you.

  • We partner with Bravosolution to deliver a world-class technology platform that includes Spend Analytics, eSourcing, Supplier Management and Contract Management.
  • We have built Vault, our unique-to-the-industry technology to manage sourcing project workflow and to measure, track and report realized savings at business unit level.
  • We provide a sourcing portal for low-dollar spend that provides fast turnaround for ad hoc and tactical three-bid-and-buy sourcing.
  • We provide customers with a leading P2P platform and have extensive experience of deploying and operating major ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle.

While the systems may be sophisticated, their aim is very simple: to deliver value.

Xchanging partners with BravoSolution, a leading international of supply management software, to bring out customers best-in-class eSourcing technology.


The end game: realizing benefits

Xchanging’s combination of best-of-breed proprietary and third-party technology, world-class sourcing and procurement expertise, and strong and repeatable processes, whether delivered as a Co-Sourcing engagement or as a stand-alone project, has time and again added value for our customers.

What does "value" mean? Here are the benefits a customer might expect to reap from engaging with Xchanging:

Realized savings yields above 10% across the enterprise:

Unlike many organizations, Xchan​ging does not recognize forecast or negotiated savings. We believe that a saving is only a saving if a transaction has occurred and we can prove a saving has been realized. We are confident of delivering breakthrough realized savings to our customers; in our latest engagement we have delivered an average yield of 17% on all the spend we have addressed, against an industry benchmark of 10% (Everest Research Group).

Better budget planning by tracking realized savings to business units:

With Vault, our proprietary savings management tool, we are able to measure realized savings, track them to the business area where they have been realized and report this back to the business. This creates an often non-existent and critical link between savings targets and budget planning and elevates the role of sourcing and procurement in an organization.

Reduced risk through better supplier and contract management:

Often overlooked by competitors chasing savings, we understand the importance of managing supplier risk. Whether thoroughly checking a supplier’s financial stability during the RFI or managing supplier concentration during quarterly reviews, we have legal experts and guidelines to ensure our customers are protected. As evidence, we operate within federally mandated rules and regulations on a daily basis with our largest global customer and Xchanging is trusted with managing technology and processes that keep national infrastructures, such as airports, telephone networks, financial institutions and exchanges, operational.

Spend-under-management increasing to ‘best-in-class’ 85%+:

We believe that success can only be achieved if every dollar of indirect spend is managed by sourcing and procurement professionals. This means contracts need to be in place, those contracts need to have been sourced in a competitive environment and compliance to those contracts must be enforced. We have defined what ‘best-in-class’ looks like and during every customer engagement we analyze the as-is situation up-front and build a mutually-agreed target into SLAs. Over the life of an engagement, through collaborative working practices and mutually aligned goals that encourage us to focus on compliance, we expect to see spend-under-management achieve ‘best-in-class’ status.

Greater visibility of supplier base through analytics:

A fundamental benefit of engaging with Xchanging is for customers to gain a better understanding of their indirect spend portfolio and we have partnered with BravoSolution so that we can deliver the most reliable and effective spend analytics. The collaborative nature of our delivery means we will review the output with our customers in category review boards and plan a holistic sourcing strategy that meets our mutually-agreed objectives.

Better compliance through managed transactions:

With a best-in-class transactional procurement offering, we ensure that end users utilize the contracts, suppliers and prices that are at their disposal. With requisition workflows, catalog management, a purchase order compliance process and an invoice matching/reconciliation process, Xchanging ensures that the benefits from better sourcing follow through all the way to accounts payable.

Access to world-class technology without up-front investment:

Xchanging understands that the biggest blocker to our customers being able to access high-quality sourcing and procurement technology is the up-front investment required to implement such solutions. One benefit of engaging with Xchanging is that we operate a performance-based commercial model, which means we invest in the relationship from day one and our customers have access to our suite of technology products without having to invest.



Case studies

A Sharper Competitive Edge Through IT
Technology Services
Click to view Case Study

A Sharper Competitive Edge Through IT

Technology Services


To help a well-known UK University become one of the country’s Top Ten by transforming its IT infrastructure



01 Plan, design and implement a complete new infrastructure

02 Incorporate voice, data, wireless and security solutions

03 Ensure continuity through a five-year partnership with the customer

04 Provide ongoing support through lead engineers, management and Technical Design Authority

05 Initiate a WAN optimisation exercise



1 The customer’s infrastructure now supports its business strategy

2 We gave the customer visibility of its network 24x7

3 We delivered a 30% saving on telephony support costs

4 We instigated best practice operational management

Telephony support costs cut by

Network visibility

Network Infrastructure Support for a Major International Airport
Technology Services
Click to view Case Study

Network Infrastructure Support for a Major International Airport

Technology Services


Create a common IT infrastructure for Gatwick airport


01 Provide a managed service for wired and wireless networks across the airport

02 Align this service to ITIL V3 standards

03 Deliver 24 x 7 x 4 monitoring of services, incident and problem management, and management of change

04 Install a dedicated onsite delivery team, including service management

05 Provision a Shared Network Operations Centre for remote monitoring and maintenance

06 Deploy Enterprise class monitoring tools


A secure, reliable, flexible and fast network (wired and wireless) was created

2  Reflecting the customer’s confidence, Xchanging was awarded a further contract to provide the airport’s End User Computing Services

3 The passenger experience has been transformed

“The wired and wireless network we now have in place is secure, reliable, flexible and fast to meet the  needs of the latest airport applications…”

Michael Ede IT Service Director Gatwick Airport

Partners in Innovation
Technology Services
Click to view Case Study

Partners in Innovation

Technology Services

Xchanging partners with YTL Communications to bring down the bill generation cycle to 1 hour from 45 hours


YTL communications aimed to be one of the key players offering 4G network within the education vertical in Malaysia. they were looking for a partner, who could bring to the table, an IT infrastructure and expertise to enable YTL to compete effectively by taking the overall offerings to a higher level, thus enabling better services to their customers.


Xchanging has partnered with YTL to develop and deliver enhanced mobile internet and cloud-based hosting offerings in Malaysia. The partnership combines Xchanging’s technology, delivery expertise and international domain knowledge, with YTL communications’ award winning 4G network and market reach to deliver next-generation, mission-critical cloud solutions and platforms.

We are offering the following key services to YTL:

01 Xchanging supports YTL’s enterprise sales by providing unique solutions for the SME (Subject Matter Expert), enterprise corporate markets and government

02 Our experts manage a cross-spectrum of operational and implementation services, which encompass capacity planning and architecture, ensuring BCP (Business Continuing Planning) / DR (Data Recovery) planning and management, Mobile apps, Functional, testing, regression, load and test automation, etc

03 Xchanging created a process that enables the entire customer onboarding when the systems fail. In addition, we support YTL in the channel sales process lifecycle and in back office support for HR, flagship stores and asset management, website and campaign management, and digital marketing.



1 Duration of bill generation cycle reduced to one hour from 45 hours taken previously

2 Bill publishing time too brought down from 3-4 weeks to the same day

3 Cost of the bill reduced by 7.5%

4 Improvement in user access of web portal resulting in improved customer satisfaction. The login time has been reduced from more than 35 seconds to less than 5 seconds; and page navigation time reduced from more than 45 seconds to 5-15 seconds

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