Our strengths

At Xchanging we are well equipped to take on the challenges of the current and future business climate.

Complexity & Growth

All businesses are faced with the time and resource demands of peripheral processes that are not directly associated with the business that they know but which are, none the less, essential for the effective growth and management of that business. We thrive on the challenge of managing these complex processes on behalf of our customers, transforming the way they do business. Our solutions give them the freedom to focus on how they can help their business grow while we take care of the essential background processes.


Our customers are more sophisticated, more demanding and more knowledge-hungry than ever before. We pride ourselves on being innovative and creative partners. We bring fresh ideas and new offerings to our customers and we use technology to create greater value for the processes that we carry out.


Our technology platforms are unique and give customers a competitive edge. Through our high-value model of Business Processing as a Service (BPaaS) we are able to combine the very latest technology with our substantial experience to help us deliver savings, add value and save time on complex processes.


Our people have unique insights, particularly within insurance and financial services. We have accumulated valuable intellectual property through the work we do and are able to deliver complex business processes which are business critical.


Compared to our larger competitors, we are flexible in our service delivery. We are able to provide a range of delivery solutions, either in terms of:

  • Where we deliver the service through on/near/offshore options, or:
  • How we deliver the service through shorter, lower value contracts or strategic partnerships.

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