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In dealing with change, software products have evolved into an eco-system that supports the lives of its users. The application of software products is visible across all businesses and all aspects of life. Software now requires a new mentality that shifts our thinking from building something, to living with something. The distinction for Xchanging is that living, vital software remains organic and therefore able to adapt to the inevitable change a multitude of users and applications create. For our customers, that distinction translates into competitive advantage.

In particular, the Insurance Software we develop is created to adapt to its environment over time and reduce the impact of unforeseen changes that can inhibit your people and hinder business growth. Xchanging therefore maintains highly configurable software development processes to ensure flexibility across product lifecycles. Our market-leading Xuber insurance software solution is scalable to customer requirements from single office deployments to multi-national companies with multiple legal entities and multi-currency functions.

Underpinned by shared-service architecture and a common data model, our Xuber software is fast to deliver and contains reusable common assets to reduce development costs. Our proven XPERT implementation methodology enables customers to drive even the most complex of insurance products to market three times faster than competitors.

Our belief in the living nature of software is demonstrated by our global software support services, refined migration processes and even the Xuber Academy – no one is more committed to ensuring customers maximize the value of their software products than we are.

In the insurance market alone, Xuber has over 130 insurance carrier and insurance broker customers from Lloyd’s and the London Market to Bermuda, the US and Asia Pacific regions.


Life is Changing

Over the last 30 years, Xchanging has learned not to try and impose changes on business, but to help resolve the changes that businesses already face. Through the development and delivery of software products, we’re not trying to change people’s lives, we’re supporting the changes that are already there.

We’ve seen a lot of change in our time. Every business faces its own challenges in unique market environments. But creating software products for a single, exclusive function is counter-productive. We live in a changing world. As soon as a single product is completed, the business and/or the market demands change. And so the ‘circle of life’ begins again, from the beginning, from scratch, from zero.

In the insurance industry, Xchanging has concentrated on the systems and processes that are common to all forms of insurance change. Instead of repeating the mistakes made in the past, we have developed the world class Xuber insurance software to enable the future. Based on our own proprietary platform, we have refined the building blocks of any insurance software product. By securing the principal of change from the outset, we are able to deliver Xuber software that insurance businesses require today and tomorrow.

It’s a process that enables change again and again, rather than simply responding to it.

We place core business functionality at the center of all Xuber software. By creating reusable common assets across the lifecycle of the product, we improve the consistency of insurance, reinsurance, broker and managing general agent solutions. At launch, and with every upgrade thereafter, Xuber makes life simpler, quicker and more reliable.

Our single data model for insurance software simplifies data storage and reduces user error. Standard templates reduce implementation times and allow rapid application of software products into new business markets.

By improving software automation we reduce the time and cost of manual tasks. Across regions, languages and currencies, customers achieve operational efficiencies from streamlined and integrated workflows.

Xuber responds to the fast pace of the insurance market. We provide customers with access to out of the box, real-time reporting dashboards and detailed analytics, enabling effective decision-making anytime, anywhere in the world, and on any device.

The Xchanging approach delivers time and cost savings to our customers with every new software product released.

The smooth delivery of large-scale software change is what we do. Xchanging has over 130 customers in 40 countries, all using Xuber Insurance Software to reduce risk and improve business performance.

We have invested over £20m in the latest release of the Xuber. With over 160 successful implementations worldwide, Xuber is the number one insurance software product in the insurance market. Every year, Xuber is trusted to process over £80 billion of insurance premiums.

We embrace the changing shape of our customers’ businesses with flexible business models. From traditional licensing deals, to Software as a Service (SaaS), Xchanging is able to deal with the world, not just try to change it. As a global Managed Services Provider (MSP) Xchanging is even able to structure Managed License and Infrastructure Services to support our customers’ business needs.

Xuber customers include some of the most recognizable brands in the insurance world. Customer needs can be shaped by the modular flexibility of the Xuber software solution, or by its integrated strength. Either way, we make sure Xchanging adds a new dimension to the lives of our customers.

Change is a continuous process without beginning or end. If it's not one thing, it's another. For Xchanging, change is not something you create, it’s something you embrace. In developing and growing our business, we have therefore embraced all aspects of technology to provide our customers with a single, simplified solution to their entire IT requirement.

As well as specific solutions to individual markets, we deliver a wide range of services across all markets. We employ a dedicated staff of industry thought-leaders to provide Professional Services and Consultancy advice. We provide deep insight to customers and enable effective business decision making with our proprietary Data Analytics software. We deliver Network and Infrastructure Managed Services from our secure data center facilities to ensure global connectivity 24/7/365.

By providing an integrated technology solution, our customers benefit from a simplified, single vendor relationship that not only provides peace of mind, but achieves increased cost savings at every service touch-point.

In every aspect of technology, Xchanging is trusted to enable complex change for complex businesses all over the world.

Case studies

Howden - Transforming manual tasks to gain agility and advantage
Insurance Software
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Howden - Transforming manual tasks to gain agility and advantage

Insurance Software


Howden was manually producing, printing and posting a vast number of client statements, which was a time consuming task. Howden’s management team also required more accurate and up-to-date reporting.


  • eStatements enables Howden to automate the preparation and distribution of client statements.
  • SID Reporting Tool provides the ability for Howden to extract critical information from a central SQL database, and produce tailored reporting for its management team.


  • People without an IT technical background can accurately access and provide up to date information as and when required.
  • eStatements has enabled Howden to save money on postage and stationery, whilst also reducing technician workload.
  • Push button, real-time data giving management teams a clear and accurate status update upon which to make decisions.

“We can see that Xuber is committed to keeping its product up to date and relevant, which is important to us.” 

Jackie Hobbs, Business Process & Systems Implementation Manage, Howden.

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