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Our Insurance Services Products are:

For generations past, your customers have insured current business risks against an unknown future. It’s a complicated business, but the desired outcome is simple; business improvement, whatever happens. Xuber provides end-to-end specialist insurance software to insurance specialists. You’re trusted to provide consistent, reliable cover. So is Xuber. When events occur, you need the systems, processes and solutions to restore order.

We’re not so different.

Xuber has the best commercial insurance software offering in the market, drawing on over 30 years of experience. Our solutions are currently deployed by 130 brokers and carriers in over 40 countries across the UK, US, mainland Europe and Asia Pacific.

More about Xuber.

Netsett is the central accounting and net settlement service for the global re/insurance market.

Every organization in the global insurance or reinsurance chain faces the increasingly demanding challenge of balancing regulatory compliance with the need to increase profitability. At the same time as having tighter controls on how to handle both client money and capital, companies are looking to improve process efficiency, reduce costs and make the best use of funds.

We can help – through Netsett.

Netsett, the result of a strategic partnership with Deutsche Bank, provides global accounting and net settlement using structured data to enable you to exchange and settle accounting information automatically and efficiently. Netsett facilitates the transfer of claims and premium data both within global insurance groups and between global cedents, brokers and carriers, and builds upon the principles and benefits enjoyed by the London market, bringing the benefits of net settlement to the global insurance market.

These benefits include:

  • greater operational efficiency through standardized processing and accounting operations across all markets and geographies
  • greater transparency and control with timely, accurate management information on payables and receivables
  • greater treasury efficiency with minimum of 30 days increase in speed of settlement

For more information about Netsett, please see the video below or download the brochure.

To get involved, contact Sean Norris.

X-presso is the new mobile app for Insurance Professionals from Xchanging. The first release of X-presso includes ‘Claims Viewer’, which grants users immediate electronic access to the Insurers’ Market Repository (IMR).

More about X-Presso.

Xchanging has a wealth of operational experience and controls in place to ensure that expert fees are appropriately and accurately handled.

Insurers in the London market spend more than £1bn a year on fees for third party experts but, until now, they have lacked an efficient way to monitor and manage their spend. Verometrix answers this need. Verometrix is a unique, integrated, end-to-end expert management processing solution for the Lloyd’s and company market.

Verometrix complements our existing Fees Direct agreement and settlement service and delivers:

  • online expert instruction
  • e-billing
  • automated invoice validation
  • budget management
  • fee agreement and settlement
  • a comprehensive management information offering.

Benefits for Insurers

Benefits for Experts

Verometrix brings invoicing into the digital age, making business flow more efficiently across the London market.

  • Invoices can be submitted directly to Xchanging who will act within agreed timeframes, resulting in quicker payment and improved cash flow
  • Real time visibility
  • Reduced complexity in the relationship with insurers

Verometrix Overview

To find out more, download the Verometrix factsheet or contact Zoe Steele to arrange a demonstration.

Our whitepaper, The Truth Behind the Numbers, discusses how well the London market manages the process of selecting and paying the third party experts it uses. Download your copy here.


ACORD4ALL offers a quick and easy way to convert non-ACORD format data to ACORD format for delivery.

With the new Hub and Gateway Extension service, Xchanging offers an easier way to move data between business partners.

The ACORD4ALL service is designed to:

  • Improve the flow of Insurance information between systems and partners
  • Enhance data quality and transparency
  • Increase efficiency and market reach
  • Support file conversions to and from individual ACORD certified messages.

This easy mechanism for converting legacy messages to their ACORD equivalent means that organizations can now plan for one message gateway - no matter what the source or geography of the underlying business or the technical standards that business partners choose to use.

It’s simple, straightforward and more cost-effective and signifies an important move towards the future of global processing.

To get on board contact Dipa Gondhia.

Download ACORD4ALL Factsheet 


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