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Universal Business Services

Deploying our deep domain expertise and insights into the specific challenges of your business environment, we partner with you to deliver the best solution for your organisation.

We deliver these solutions from our multi-country global delivery model, effectively addressing your regulatory and other risks and allowing us to offer cost-sensitive solutions.

We use innovative technology and best-in-class process excellence methodologies to create truly integrated solutions that transform your complex back and middle office processes, which will control costs, reduce risks, strengthen collaboration and increase agility, enabling you to focus on your business growth.

Xchanging offers Business Process Services across Finance and Accounting (F&A), CRM & Customer Administration and Analytics. Our industry specific solutions span the Real Estate, Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Telecomunications and Logistics verticals. Our array of bespoke solutions allow us to add value to core operations for some of the leading brands in these industries.

We support the changing priorities of CFOs as they endeavour to streamline and consolidate their finance operations.

We provide this support with finance and accounting offshore services which give our customers greater internal controls and compliance as they expand into newer markets and regions. Customers can also benefit from Xchanging’s extensive complementary capabilities in procurement and supply chain, enterprise application services, analytics and collections, and more.

We can process both high volume and high value transactions at every stage of the value chain, ranging from the 3.1 million AP and AR invoices which we process every year to the $1.8 billion in escrow funds which we handle per annum.

Specific offshore finance and accounting services include:

  • Accounts payable
  • Order to cash (OTC)
  • General accounting
  • Closing and reporting
  • Treasury and tax services
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Governance

Customer administration is evolving and becoming more and more complex today.

Customers today have access to a plethora of channels to interact with brands—emails, phone, chat, social media, etc. Ensuring that the customer experience across all these channels is consistent and outstanding can be a key differentiator for brands, helping them retain and grow their customer base, and also acquire new customers.

Xchanging uses a combination of voice and data technologies and services to help brands manage the following processes for their customers, suppliers and vendors:

  • Onboarding
  • Management
  • Experience

By letting Xchanging manage services that are non-core to their business, brands can focus on growth, delivery and efficiency, and improve their time to market. Our sophisticated technology allows us to integrate voice, email, chat, POS and other customer interaction channels to offer consumers a seamless interaction with the brand.

We use our world class analytics and research capabilities to create reports that help brands not only improve operational effectiveness but also manage brand equity. We work with our clients to define business metrics that allow easy, quick and relevant decision making.

Businesses today operate in an unpredictable global economy. Consumer preferences are changing rapidly, and loyalty is difficult to buy. The proliferation of social media has created a ripple effect—influencing the speed at which consumers make their buying decisions and interact with brands.

These dynamic forces are creating a great deal of data. Best-in-class businesses are using analytics to move away from standard “reporting” to a more advanced, predictive forecasting and optimization models that shape strategic decision making.

Xchanging offers industry-specific, customized solutions to provide businesses with Strategic Business Analytics as well as Operational Performance Analytics, in order to drive top and bottom-line impact.

Within Strategic Business Analytics, we cover:

  • Customer & Marketing Analytics: Our experts help businesses understand the growing data on consumer behavior and buying patterns; thus providing them the opportunity to influence buying decisions in a timely manner. With the use of analytics, brands can also create the right customer segmentation based on geographical, demographical and other variables; thus allowing them to offer the right product to the consumer.
  • Profitability Analytics: Our services enable organizations to drive profitability by understanding the levers of cost, revenue and margin. By analysing these levers, businesses can better rationalize the products and services they take to market.
  • Risk Analytics: By using predictive modeling and analytics, we support businesses in their strategic decisions and execute rigorous risk-management analyses. These risks can be either financial, customer, competitive, regulatory or economical.

Within Operational Performance Analytics, we implement state-of-the-art analytical tools and methodologies to operation/process level data in order to drive operational and sales efficiency; and also to increase customer satisfaction.

Case studies

Howden - Transforming manual tasks to gain agility and advantage
Insurance Software
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Howden - Transforming manual tasks to gain agility and advantage

Insurance Software


Howden was manually producing, printing and posting a vast number of client statements, which was a time consuming task. Howden’s management team also required more accurate and up-to-date reporting.


  • eStatements enables Howden to automate the preparation and distribution of client statements.
  • SID Reporting Tool provides the ability for Howden to extract critical information from a central SQL database, and produce tailored reporting for its management team.


  • People without an IT technical background can accurately access and provide up to date information as and when required.
  • eStatements has enabled Howden to save money on postage and stationery, whilst also reducing technician workload.
  • Push button, real-time data giving management teams a clear and accurate status update upon which to make decisions.

“We can see that Xuber is committed to keeping its product up to date and relevant, which is important to us.” 

Jackie Hobbs, Business Process & Systems Implementation Manage, Howden.

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