Financial services

Transactional Procurement

We have an impressive track record of delivering significant process efficiencies and value, by transforming transactional procurement and enabling market-leading technology to drive innovation.

Reduction in total cost of ownership: we provide spot buying capabilities as well as standard purchasing. This has funded a significant portion of procurement operations and generates savings of 5-10% in spot buys and tail-end sourcing for customers. With a global workforce and locations in many countries, we can reduce the total cost of ownership by 25-30%.

Compliance, cash flow improvement: our customers typically experience up to 50% improvement in contract compliance. In addition, because  payment terms and invoices are monitored more effectively, customers also benefit from improvements in cash flow.

Process efficiency and effectiveness: our expertise streamlines the requisitioning and purchase order processes by increasing the use of catalogues and automation. Customers report a reduction in PO cycle time of 65% and in payment cycle time of up to 80%.

Global workforce with local language skills: our transactional procurement team operates out of multiple countries and can provide services in all major languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Bahasa and all languages of the Indian subcontinent.

Smarter leverage of technology: we understand that technology opens the door to innovation. From implementing intelligent character recognition for scanning invoices to automating purchase order flips or a configurable rules engine for approval workflows, we deploy technology that makes better use of a workforce’s time and delivers clear efficiency gains.

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