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Shares online

Equiniti Limited provides a range of shareholder information online. Shareholders can access their shareholdings and find advice on transferring shares and updating their details on


Shareholders who only have a small number of shares whose value makes it uneconomic to sell them may wish to consider donating them to charity through ShareGift, the independent charity share donation scheme (registered charity no. 1052686). Further information about ShareGift may be obtained from Equiniti Limited or from ShareGift on +44 20 7337 0501 or at There are no implications for capital gains tax purposes (no gain or loss) on gifts of shares to charity and it is also possible to claim income tax relief.

Shareholder enquiries

For queries concerning shareholdings, contact Xchanging’s registrars, Equiniti Limited, whose details can be found under Registrar services in the Investor Relations section of the website. Equiniti maintains the register of names and addresses of all shareholders of Xchanging plc.

Shareholders who have any questions about the Group’s business should contact Xchanging’s Investor Relations team on +44 20 7780 6999 or email

Shareholder fraud

Fraud is on the increase and many shareholders are targeted every year. If you have any reason to believe that you may have been the target of a fraud, or attempted fraud in relation to your shareholding, please contact Equiniti Limited immediately.

Over the last year many companies have become aware that their shareholders have received unsolicited phone calls or correspondence concerning investment matters. These are typically from overseas based ‘brokers’ who target UK shareholders offering to sell them what often turn out to be worthless or high risk shares in US or UK investments. They can be very persistent and extremely persuasive and a 2006 survey by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has reported that the average amount lost by investors is around £20,000. It is not just the novice investor that has been duped in this way; many of the victims had been successfully investing for several years. Shareholders are advised to be very wary of any unsolicited advice, offers to buy shares at a discount or offers of free company reports. If you receive any unsolicited investment advice please report the matter to the Equiniti Limited or the FCA either by calling 0845 606 1234 or visiting More information can be found here.

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