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#ProcureTalk with Euan Granger, Procurious - Social Sourcing 

#ProcureTalk with Luke Spikes, CEO of Spikes Cavell 

#ProcureTalk with Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen 

#ProcureTalk with Dave Bowen: Risk Management

#ProcureTalk with Nicolas Cardemil: Talent in Procurement

#ProcureTalk with Jill Ivancich on customer service 

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What is #ProcureTalk?
ProcureTalk a biweekly interview on Twitter hosted by Xchanging Procurement (@xchprocurement) with a procurement professional. Every two weeks, the topic and interviewee will change but the one thing that stays the same is that we will be talking about the challenges, trends and topics that affect you as a Procurement professional. All you need to participate is a Twitter account and a passion for procurement, you can join the conversation using the hashtag #ProcureTalk.

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