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For a business to maximise its performance, everyone in the organisation needs to deliver at capacity. Procurement is increasingly relied on to deliver bottom line results and added value to the business. At the same time the function is faced with ongoing pressures which are adding to the workload:

  • Globalisation
  • Changing business operations
  • New technologies
  • Talent/Skill gaps
  • Changing values
  • New responsibilities e.g. CSR, Risk, Compliance

Even though technology tools have been brought in as an enabler, more often than not these are adding further skill pressures to an already over-utilised department. Suddenly procurement is expected to be experts in every category in every market, as well as experts in using new technologies. It’s no wonder new skills, new expertise and new technologies are required to cope with these demands. It’s no wonder that traditional investment in Procurement Technology often fails to return the benefits expected.

Until now! By providing Procurement as a Service (PaaS) for customers worldwide, Xchanging Procurement is able to combine people, technology and expertise as a managed service.

Helping to fill the gaps in your workforce, and act as an extension of your existing teams to accelerate the entire procurement lifecycle by enabling the right experts to use the right tools and apply the right expertise – quickly, easily and affordably.

How We  Help

Xchanging’s intuitive and revelatory SaaS solutions help deliver tools to help drive efficiencies in procurement. However, in instances where departments are pressed for time, capacity and specialist expertise, SaaS may not be enough to produce the level of benefits desired, because the software doesn’t drive itself. On the other side of the spectrum, Procurement Outsourcing delivers the expertise required to implement large scale procurement strategies, but isn’t accessible, affordable or appropriate for all business situations. PaaS incorporates both – as a managed service, procurement software and expertise available on-demand and fully supported by our procurement specialists to implement each customer requirement. PaaS is a flexible offering which can be ramped up and down depending on when and where you need additional support/capacity. Customers receive the full benefit of large enterprise investment in technology solutions at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop their own.

Xchanging’s PaaS helps businesses share the complexity of procurement processes and, in many cases, relieves internal staff of the procurement burden altogether. We identify where organisations will be best served with external procurement support, and then deliver it, allowing internal procurement staff to concentrate on their core business objectives and targets.

What We Do

Xchanging’s PaaS is delivered to customers by optimising the procurement function across the people, processes and technologies required to improve the consumption of goods and services in their own business.

Xchanging has already invested millions in the development of MM4 – a seamless procurement platform that combines sourcing, purchasing and intelligence in a single, end-to-end procurement solution. This innovative technology is available to customers on a PaaS revenue model. The investment has already been made – customers simply need to share the benefits.
As a managed service, Xchanging’s team of over 1,000 trained procurement specialists (known as our MarketMaking™ team) are available to ensure the rapid deployment and successful implementation of all procurement initiatives. No waiting, no disruption, no re-training, just delivery.

This is what we do every day of the year all over the world. Xchanging’s PaaS is scalable to the individual needs of each customer. We agree the technology and levels of service required across all service categories and deliver the requisite software, tools and people from day one – all as a managed monthly service.

Procurement software, expertise and people are our own areas of expertise. Xchanging’s PaaS is therefore a low-cost and highly effective solution for many organisations seeking to improve their indirect procurement strategies. Customers are able to better support category management teams and extend the breadth and depth of procurement benefits across the enterprise. By improving uptake and adoption of existing investments in procurement, Xchanging’s PaaS helps customers drive long-term business strength.

If you were wondering where and when world class procurement delivery would meet hi-tech procurement software in a single, managed package, the answers are, ‘here’, and, ‘now’.

Marketmaking™ Capabilities 

Our Marketmaking team of procurement specialists offer expertise across the following service lines.

  • Category & Market Insights - Provide analysis of market and industry reports and periodicals.
  • Advisory Services – To manage project based sourcing and consultancy as well as end-to-end initiative management.
  • Supplier Management – Every subscription of our software includes access to a dedicated support team. This team are the first point of contact for any user or supplier queries, ensuring they are fully engaged and supported throughout all projects.
  • Benchmarking – Provide industry spend & pricing trends & benchmarks as well as product-to-product price comparisons.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Manage spend reporting & analytics, including spend classification, opportunity analysis and savings tracking.
  • Category Support – Providing:
    • Contract Management Support to ensure your contract renewals are in place.
    • Supplier Performance Management support to help manage your suppliers to maximise performance.
    • Compliance Support to maximising compliance to deliver maximum savings.
  • RFx and Tactical Buying – provide eSourcing support including the preparation of RFI, RFP & eAuctions. As well as low value orders (LVO) & sourcing projects.

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