Investor Relations

Podium - Our customer reference program

Putting You in the Spotlight

You choose solutions to help achieve your strategic goals. Our resolution in 2016 is to celebrate, promote and share your success with your peers and stakeholders. Through our customer reference program, Podium, you can enhance your thought leadership network and raise your brand profile to achieve the recognition you deserve.

Podium is your opportunity to shine. As a valued customer you are invited to share your story with a wider audience. The program is flexible; it supports your business goals, and is considerate of your availability and priorities.

Podium puts you in control. You can select the level of engagement and types of activities you want to participate in that are right for your business. We will work closely with you to ensure you are only contacted for the activities you have signed up for. Your content is tailored to the audiences you would like to connect with, from analysts, press to industry peers.

Want to share your success story? Step up to the podium today!

Explore how companies are creating success with Xchanging.

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