Xchanging Introduces Business Management Suite for Commercial Real Estate Companies

04 Jun 2015

Combines smart business management with connected building technology to usher in a new era of lean and efficient business models

CHICAGO AND SAN ANTONIO, June 4, 2015 – Xchanging plc, the business technology and services provider, will unveil an integrated commercial real estate business management suite at the 17th Annual Realcomm Conference & Expo in San Antonio, Texas, June 9-10, 2015. Xchanging will demonstrate its solutions on the expo floor at booth 519.

The suite combines experienced outsourcing services with multiple innovative technologies to help commercial real estate firms power growth and efficiency:

  • Business Processing Services (BPS) – Bringing together the expertise of over 1,000 Finance & Accounting (F&A) specialists across the globe, with smart processes, new technology like robotics process automation (RPA) and analytics, to deliver business-wide financial transformation;
  • Connected Building Technology – Building automation, control and security systems that reduce energy usage and overall property management costs;
  • Analytics – Applied to operational data from materials and services spend, to energy consumption, building maintenance and vendor performance, analytics helps rationalize costs and maximize operational efficiency;
  • Technology – From software design, build and integration, to a proprietary Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), Xchanging’s tailored technology solutions serve virtually any commercial real estate need;
  • Procurement – Combining outsourcing with advisory services and innovative technology, Xchanging delivers a range of procurement solutions, from a completely outsourced service, to a proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) eSourcing platform, all supported by a team of 1,000 experts, to drive reduced operational costs.

“Disruptive technology and automation, such as robotics, are paving the way for a new labor model, maximizing human resources and capacity on core business activity, while drastically lowering costs on the back-end,” said Jim Reesing, CEO, Xchanging Americas. “Our technology-driven approach, led in the U.S. by Commercial Real Estate Practice Leader Jeff Wallack, harnesses the power of these solutions, enabling growth and efficiency across every facet of a real estate firm’s operations.”

Smart Business Management
Financial processes are at the core of commercial real estate firms’ business health, but it can be challenging to ensure their efficiency and productivity. Xchanging’s technology-enabled outsourcing is the solution for many of the largest global firms – combining domain expertise with advanced analytics and emerging solutions like RPA to drive finance and accounting transformation. Working with two of the leading global real estate firms, Xchanging has played a key role in significantly reducing financial operations costs and revenue cycle time.

Smart Buildings
Rising energy bills and pressure to become more sustainable make connected building technology a compelling and viable means to achieve energy efficiency. By developing and implementing next-generation connected building technology, including software applications that work with smart devices such as vents and heating systems, Xchanging enables firms to maximize asset performance and energy usage in real-time.

“The future of connected building technology enables smarter conversations, not just between machines, but with people and processes,” said Mani Gopalaratnam, Head of Innovation, Xchanging. “Automation drives better business outcomes and passes the benefits of innovation along to tenants.”

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For further information, please contact:

Kevin Memolo
Finn Partners for Xchanging Americas

What we are
Xchanging provides business processing, technology and procurement services internationally for customers across multiple industries.

What we do
Xchanging brings innovation, thought leadership and passion to its customers’ businesses so as to enhance performance and value. Our values are embedded into everything we do.

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