Insurance Services

Around the globe, insurance is an increasingly complicated and highly regulated sector. We can embrace this complexity for you allowing you to focus on your core business.

We do that by releasing you from the processes and technologies that may be peripheral to your vision and mission but essential to your day-to-day operation, giving you time and space to focus on activities that add value to your organisation.

For you, that might mean trusting us to deliver a refreshingly simple end-to-end policy and claims administration service, broadly-based broking services, far-reaching innovation or exceptional customer service.

Whatever your specific insurance market needs are, you can choose us with confidence.

Our Insurance Services Offerings:

Xchanging provides comprehensive policy administration services in a wide range of insurance classes.

With years of in-depth experience gained from supporting the London market, we are experts in mastering complexity and delivering refreshingly simple end-to-end solutions that save our customers both time and money. By removing this processing burden and establishing a solid platform, we give customers the freedom to focus on tasks that create value for their organisations e.g. management, strategy, underwriting, actuarial activity and pricing. This is true whether we are serving Lloyd’s syndicates and managing agents, syndicate service companies, London Bureau companies, or international property and casualty insurers.

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Elective claims services

Xchanging is a leader in the provision of integrated customer solutions and services to the global insurance industry. Our expertise in claims management is a key part of this capability.

With this background to recommend us, we are now partners in transition for London claims professionals as they adjust to the new realities created by the Lloyd’s Claims Transformation Process (“CTP”).

Lloyd’s Managing Agents are having to change the way they work. Leads – and Seconds – now have new obligations to the following market. Performing all these post-CTP responsibilities may not fit with a Managing Agent’s business model – and this is where Xchanging can help. By modelling resource needs, we allow Managing Agents to quickly identify any inconsistency between the roles they are now required to perform and those they want to perform within their operating model.

We can then provide support with a full or bespoke elective claims services as well as dealing with many administrative tasks.

In short, in this new world of choice, we are confident that we can continue to add value for our customers and help them achieve a well-planned and well-executed CTP transition.

Why Xchanging…

  • We offer direct LINKAGE to MARKET SYSTEMS
  • We are an established Lloyd's service provider authorised to work in the claims outsourcing space for Managing Agents.

 …for CTP challenges? 



Innovation in workers' compensation

Xchanging has an impressive track record of innovation and reliable service delivery in workers’ compensation.

By providing the right services at the right time, Xchanging gives injured workers the confidence that they are being well cared for. In turn, this gives employers the confidence that they comply with legal and regulatory obligations.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Policy and Premium management: we provide a single point of contact for premium issues and premium projections.
  • Claims Management: our total service helps effectively manage claims, support injured workers and assist their return to work.
  • Risk Management: we provide practical advice and assistance to create safer workplaces and support employer risk management initiatives.
  • Training: we deliver training programs with a focus on risk management and effective claims management.

Visit the Workers' Compensation website



Our broking services drive cost out of the customer’s business, improve operational efficiency and deliver better experiences for end-clients. With proven processing capability and a broad range of broking expertise, we’re ready to migrate and integrate data, cut costs and centralise multiple offices for you.

Our services cover both technical processing and technical accounting, incorporating the following activities:

  • Premium processing
  • Claims processing
  • Claims broking
  • Proportional treaty processing
  • Credit control
  • Reconciliation and allocation
  • Banking and compliance
  • Project activity



Xchanging’s Delegated Underwriting Services provide Insurers with a robust and functionally-rich technology solution to bordereaux management.

You can choose from a range of services within the portfolio. These services can be underpinned by BinderCloud technology or can be wrapped around your existing binder management systems:

  • Bordereaux collation
  • Bordereaux chasing
  • Bordereau mapping
  • Bordereaux processing
  • Document collaboration
  • Query resolution
  • Guidance around Conduct risk/Solvency II requirements
  • Reporting

The BinderCloud software system, designed to automate the binder management process, is built upon a cloud-based, shared, secure platform.  The document repository, mapping tool and reporting components ensure all interested parties have access to the information they need via appropriate security and access permissions.

Xchanging promotes a market platform approach to delegated underwriting. A market platform is the most cost effective solution to gain control of your entire book of business, comprising both lead and follow contracts. Our award winning technology and highly experienced Delegated Underwriting Services team address a market problem with a single solution which promotes sharing and collaboration.

Our Insurance Services Products:

Case studies

RFIB - Flexibility and configurability to stay ahead of the game
Insurance Software
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RFIB - Flexibility and configurability to stay ahead of the game

Insurance Software


RFIB operates in a highly complex environment that requires a seamless and integrated broking solution with multi-national capabilities.

RFIB needs watertight systems and processes to meet the stringent compliance requirements of a heavily regulated insurance market.



  • RFIB uses the feature-rich capabilities of Brokasure to manage its entire wholesale insurance services business, including claims and policy administration for underwriting and broking.
  • Brokasure offers the automation and management of intricate end-to processing of quotes, policies, transactions and claims, often in multi-currency environments.


  • Enabling compliance – Brokasure enables RFIB to stay at the forefront of insurance regulations.
  • Configurability – RFIB has direct input into Brokasure enhancements through the Brokasure User Group.
  • Proactive partnership – Xuber’s continual process of review maintains efficiencies and to ensures standards of delivery.

“Xuber has a deep understanding of the challenges we face and the solutions we need to run our business,”

Mark Kinsella, Head of It, RFIB.

Global Insurance Broker - Making The Leap From ‘Good’ to ‘Great’
Managed Business Processes
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Global Insurance Broker - Making The Leap From ‘Good’ to ‘Great’

Managed Business Processes


To help a top global insurance broker make its next big leap: become the provider of choice for integrated employee benefit solutions and grow revenue by 50% within five years


01 Enhance operational performance, optimise process efficiency, and instil a mindset of continuous improvement

02 Put to work our expertise in offshoring F&A processes including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general accounting, reconciliations, taxation, fixed asset accounting and reporting

03 Implement process improvements in a timely and effective way


1 Costs cut by 40% due to labour arbitrage

2 Quality up from 95% to 99.5%

Costs cut by

Quality lifted to

YTL Communications - Partners in Innovation
Technology Services
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YTL Communications - Partners in Innovation

Technology Services

Xchanging partners with YTL Communications to bring down the bill generation cycle to 1 hour from 45 hours


YTL communications aimed to be one of the key players offering 4G network within the education vertical in Malaysia. they were looking for a partner, who could bring to the table, an IT infrastructure and expertise to enable YTL to compete effectively by taking the overall offerings to a higher level, thus enabling better services to their customers.


Xchanging has partnered with YTL to develop and deliver enhanced mobile internet and cloud-based hosting offerings in Malaysia. The partnership combines Xchanging’s technology, delivery expertise and international domain knowledge, with YTL communications’ award winning 4G network and market reach to deliver next-generation, mission-critical cloud solutions and platforms.

We are offering the following key services to YTL:

01 Xchanging supports YTL’s enterprise sales by providing unique solutions for the SME (Subject Matter Expert), enterprise corporate markets and government

02 Our experts manage a cross-spectrum of operational and implementation services, which encompass capacity planning and architecture, ensuring BCP (Business Continuing Planning) / DR (Data Recovery) planning and management, Mobile apps, Functional, testing, regression, load and test automation, etc

03 Xchanging created a process that enables the entire customer onboarding when the systems fail. In addition, we support YTL in the channel sales process lifecycle and in back office support for HR, flagship stores and asset management, website and campaign management, and digital marketing.



1 Duration of bill generation cycle reduced to one hour from 45 hours taken previously

2 Bill publishing time too brought down from 3-4 weeks to the same day

3 Cost of the bill reduced by 7.5%

4 Improvement in user access of web portal resulting in improved customer satisfaction. The login time has been reduced from more than 35 seconds to less than 5 seconds; and page navigation time reduced from more than 45 seconds to 5-15 seconds

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