About us

About us

Xchanging is a provider of technology-enabled business processing, technology and procurement services internationally to customers across many industry sectors.

To know about us you need to know about the six pillars upon which we model our corporate culture. They have made us world leaders in procurement, technology and processing services and make us the best choice for businesses looking to take their organisation to the next level. These key pillars make us who we are:

Customer Focus

Examining the needs of each customer and tailoring service provision to ensure the very best outcomes for them.

Our customer knows where they want to be. Sometimes they just need a little support in getting there. We provide technology infrastructure, bespoke packages and support on all service levels to help our customers to excel in their field, moving forward without waste. By learning what you want we determine what you need. We take the initiative and offer you the key to success.


Do you feel bogged down by accepted processes? Are you looking for innovative, effective solutions to help streamline operations and optimise value?

At Xchanging we constantly challenge the status quo, using our range of experience, our vast staff pools and years of practice to find your business solutions. We thrive on thinking differently, combining creativity, fresh outlook and innovation to support your business in a way that will propel you forward.

Speed and Efficiency

Are you tired of waiting for business solutions while your organisation fails to move forward in the way you want?

We recognise that speed is of the essence. We act with speed and efficiency, without compromising on quality. Timing is key in process provision and we access our wealth of experience and resources to provide you with what you need, when you need it.


We develop strong, long term relationships with a foundation of mutual respect and engagement in each other’s success.

People are an organisation’s biggest asset. Without the right people, the right attitude, the best relationships, even the most progressive business will fail. We are empowered and empower others to make a difference, to strive for the best. We take accountability for our actions and take pride in everything that we do. Through teamwork, collaboration and respect we build excellent networks that enable us, and our customers, to excel.


Are you looking for the best?

We pride ourselves in achieving excellence, every time. We use our innovation, our vision and our staff to provide outstanding leadership, technology, implementation and support to our clients. We don’t accept anything less than excellence so that we can ensure continual compliance and the highest standards in quality and service provision.


Do you want to work with an outsourcing provider who can offer you honesty and integrity alongside effective solutions?

We believe that trust is a key element to offering effective processing, technology and procurement trusts. Our policy and history of honesty, transparency and integrity in all of our processes safeguard the client, contribute to best practice and ensure the very best outcomes for your organisation.

These pillars create our success, quality of services and ability to help propel businesses forward in a competitive market.

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